The Bridge Newsletter

The Bridge - 35.1

A Transformational Tool: Michigan’s Epoxy Injection Rig

An Innovative Partnership to Make Trench Work Safer

Working with Wildlife

New Minimum Retroreflectivity Standards Take Effect

Two Resources for Local Agencies (Rural Road Departure Countermeasure Pocket Guide & Roadway Lighting Resources)

Converging Experiences & Skills at a Road Commission: Darrell Cass


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The Bridge - 34.4

  • One Bold Paint: A Look at HRCSA One-coat System
  • New Facilities, New Spaces, Unhindered Service
  • Serving Michigan’s Local Road-owning Agencies: The CTT’s Newest Staff
  • Technology “Woven” Into Asphalt: A Follow-up on a Michigan Fiber-reinforced Asphalt Paving Project

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The Bridge - 34.3

Articles in this Issue:

  • Making Road Work Safer
  • Mike TenBrock: Building Bridges and Relationships
  • Bringing Out the Power Tools: Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Keep Calm...And Carry On...How to Handle Uncomfortable Customer Interaction and Provide a Good Level of Service
  • Tick Check! How to Identify Ticks and Prevent Lyme Disease

Also Inside:

  • Meet the CTT’s New Training Specialist
  • Motor Grader Training


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The Bridge - 34.2

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Culverts: Strategies for Getting Started with Collecting Inventory and Condition Data
  • Where Innovations Are Now: Updates on Innovative Pavement Construction and Maintenance Projects
  • Valuable Practices to Ensure Safety When Handling Truck Tires
  • When Winter Maintenance Meets Artificial Intelligence

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The Bridge - 34.1

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Innovation: Being on the Cutting Edge with Technologies & Techniques
  • Three Keys to Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • The Winter Preparation Timeline
  • When Connections Become Your Advocates: Marc Trotter

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The Bridge - 33.4

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Navigating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Compact Roundabouts
  • Seeing Through the Eye of the Culvert...with Safety
  • Managing Your Agency's Other Network: Facilitating Knowledge Transfer in Your Knowledge Network
  • Potholes are NOT Inevitable
  • Quick Pothole Resource Guide
  • Motor Grader Training Ad
  • Engineering Tech Assist Ad

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Snow, Snow Plow, Motor Grader

The Bridge - 33.3

Articles in this Issue:

  • Plowing through Snow...and Sleep Disruptions
  • Innovation Repository: EDC Virtual Summit's Showcase of State- and Local-agency Innovations
  • Spotlight on Michigan Innovations in the EDC Virtual Summit Showcase
  • Everything You Need to Know About CDLs (and Where to Learn More)
  • Up-grade! Michigan LTAP Goes from Zero to New for Its Motor Grader Training
  • Seven Habits of Highly Successful Collaborators
  • Preparing for the Snow and Ice Season
  • Batting for a Home Run: Dewayne Rogers and His Innovative Endeavors on the Clare CRC Network

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Ice, Asset Management

The Bridge - 33.2

Articles in this Issue:

  • Custom Brines and Blends: Maximizing Your Brines with In-house Processing
  • A Story-telling, Strategy-setting, Millage-winning Tool: The Asset Management Plan
  • Delta CRC Tests Gravel Road Stabilization Techniques
  • A Sneak Peek at the Delta CRC Test Setup
  • Two Simple Changes to Increase Brine Usage
  • Iowa Creates Virtual Public Involvement Tool
  • Note-taking Strategies for the Digital World - Part 2

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The Bridge - 33.1

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Crack Sealing the Way to a Longer Pavement Service Life
  • The Idea to Innovate: Michigan LTAP Great Ideas Challenge
  • Flexible Financing for Small Communities
  • Michigan SIB Loans
  • Phil Strong: Improving Gogebic County Roads by 'Going Together'
  • TAMC Releases Michigan's 2019 Roads & Bridges Annual Report
  • TAMC Adjusting to the Times
  • System-wide Safety
  • Note Taking: Strategies for the Digital World

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The Bridge - 32.4

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Enzymes: A Stabilizing Force for Gravel Roads?
  • Pave. Recycle. Repeat. Michigan Agencies Recycling Millings for Road Maintenance
  • Drain Commissioners: A Benefit to Your Road down the Road
  • Tree Trimming in the Right of Way: How to Cut and Remove Trees in the ROW Safely
  • Innovation Synergy: UAS Videos Enhance Virtual Public Involvement Techniques
  • The Problem of Endangered Species

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