Programs and Software



Roadsoft is a software suite designed for collecting, storing, and analyzing data associated with transportation assets. Built on an optimum combination of database engine and GIS mapping tools, Roadsoft provides a quick, smooth user experience and almost unlimited data-handling capabilities.

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"Michigan Engineers' Resource Library"


The Michigan Engineers' Resource Library (MERL) contains information and utilities designed to help project engineers create road and bridge project estimates. MERL also includes utilities to enter and analyze bids for local jobs as well as to manage local jobs by tracking daily postings and payment estimates.

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"Bridge Load Rating"

Bridge Load Rating

The Michigian Bridge Load Rating program was created within the Center for Technology & Training (CTT) to provide technical assistance for AASHTOWare Bridge Rating software and load ratings on bridges within the state of Michigan.

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Thawcaster aids road agencies in the consistent assessment of roads during the more critical times of the year when some roads become quite fragile by providing agencies with a single tool to access weather data combined with thaw-weakening calculations and analyses.

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