The Bridge Newsletter

The Bridge - 27.3

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Refurbished and Multi-Use Trucks Reduce Fleet Costs
  • Update From the MDOT Load Rating Unit
  • Element Level Bridge Inspection Workshop
  • Minimizing Salt Bounce and Scatter

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Crack Sealing

The Bridge - 27.2

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Promising New Variations of Standard Chip Seal Practices
  • Life Lessons from Turning a Wrench
  • Using Facebook to Engage with the Public
  • New Sign Retro Resource
  • Tips for Communicating Effectively on Facebook

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The Bridge - 27.1

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Road Commissions "Like" Facebook
  • Excellence in Snow and Ice Control
  • Operations Showcase & Facility Tour
  • Winners of the Great Ideas Challenge
  • Training Saves Budget
  • LTAP Expands Loan Program

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The Bridge - 26.4

Articles in this Issue: 
  • How the City of Novi Develops Leaders
  • A (True) Fish Story
  • Practical Public Relations
  • Wing Plow Cutting Edge from Truck Tires
  • Great Ideas Challenge
  • Urban and Rural Engineers of the Year


To view submissions and winners from the 2012 Build a Better Mousetrap competition, view their National Entry Booklet.

Michigan LTAP's Great Ideas Challenge

Repurposing truck tires as wing plow cutting edges (you can find a print-friendly version here)

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The Bridge - 26.3

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Successful road diet in Marquette
  • Safety Edge in Kent County
  • Just-in-time parts management


January 2012 study conducted by MDOT: Safety and Operational Analysis of 4-lane to 3-lane Conversions (Road Diets) in Michigan

June 2012 article in Safety Today (supplement to Roads & Bridges magazine): Diet Exercise

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The Bridge - 26.2

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Soil stabilization using fly ash
  • Joe Pulver *really* loves to run
  • Testing your battery and alternator
  • 21st century bridge
  • Options for improving poor soil

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The Bridge - 26.1

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Cold in-place recycling - a good choice even in tight spaces
  • Road commissions upgrade lights and save money
  • New lives for old signs
  • The place to go for bridge preservation

Additional Resources:

NCHRP Synthesis 421: Recycling and Reclamation of Asphalt Pavements Using In-Place Methods
Transportation Research Board

Cold Recycling: The Future in Pavement Rehabilitation
Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association

Cold In-Place Asphalt Recycling Application Checklist
Federal Highway Administration

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Asset Management

The Bridge - 25.4

Articles in this Issue: 
  • New Bridge Technology Saves 25 Percent or More
  • Long-time Michigan LTAP Supporter Retires
  • Rebuilding Saves Money and Improves Durability
  • Your Crew Needs a New Truck? Consider Buying Used
  • Evaluating Products for Roadway Dust Control

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Snow, Ice, Winter Preparation

The Bridge - 25.3

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Agencies Share Winter Operations Best Practices
  • New Program for Load Rating Bridges
  • Stop Throwing Your Deicer Budget in the Ditch
  • New LTAP Web Site

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Crack Sealing

The Bridge - 25.2

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Unconventional pavement maintenance
  • Safety Edge demonstration
  • Try the Safety Edge
  • Sign shop for hire
  • 5-minute sign installation
  • Michigan Winter Operations Conference preview

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