The Bridge Newsletter

Construction, TAMC

The Bridge - 30.1

Articles in this Issue: 
  • TAMC Website 2.0
  • Getting Youth Excited about Road Commissions
  • Tips for Preventing Heat Stress
  • Making Construction Information Accessible
  • Perparing for Emergency Means Fostering Relationships

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Asset Management

The Bridge - 29.4

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Paving the Way for Your Successor
  • The Need for Bridge Asset Management
  • South Dakota LTAP's Gravel Guru: Ken Skorseth
  • FY 2018 Category F Application Period

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Safety, Gravel Roads, Innovation

The Bridge - 29.3

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Crumb Rubber Asphalt Trial on Michigan Roads
  • Becoming ADA Compliant
  • PPE: Investing in a Safety Lifestyle
  • 12 Tips for Maintaining Unpaved Roads

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Winter Preparation

The Bridge - 29.2

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Superior Ideas for Winter Maintenance
  • Restoring Whites Covered Bridge
  • Increasing Clarity by Writing Concisely
  • The Road from Engineer to Manager
  • Michigan LTAP Intern Wins Logo Competition

Additional Links

Video of Superior Stick

Marquette County Road Commission's Wing Plow Operations Guide

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Great Ideas, Safety

The Bridge - 29.1

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Preventing Aggregate Segregation in HMA
  • 2015 Great Ideas Challenge results
  • Lapeer CRC adopts systemic safety
  • Mobile apps for transportation professionals

Additional Links

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Great Ideas, Safety

The Bridge - 28.4

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Michigan: A longtime Pioneer in Traffic Safety
  • Geogrid Projects in Houghton and Baraga
  • Applications for Category F Grants now Open
  • New Technology at CTT On-site Training
  • Announcing the 2015 Great Ideas Challenge

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The Bridge - 28.3

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Future Transportation Professionals
  • Infrared Recycling for Pothole Repairs
  • Visually Assess Tightness of Lugnuts
  • Risk-based Asset Management

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The Bridge - 28.2

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Enhanced Delineation & Friction for Horizontal Curves
  • Childhood Passion, Lifelong Career
  • Online Winter Maintenance Resources
  • Minnesota Snow & Ice Control Handbook Updated
  • New Rules, Resources for ADA Compliance
  • Grader Paver Wins 2014 Great Ideas Challenge

Online Winter Maintenance Resources

Winter is fast approaching, and while many are preparing to keep warm and shovel immense amounts of snow, others are preparing to re-familiarize with best practices for winter operations. We've put together a collection of online resources for forecasting, plowing, deicing, salt use, and workforce managment. Hyperlinks to these resources can be found at:


Additional links in this issue:

White's Bridge Project

Minnesota Snow & Ice Control Handbook

Resources for ADA Compliance

Resources for horizontal curves:

FHWA website on horizontal curves

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, FHWA, 2009

Low-Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety, FHWA, 2006

Safety Evaluation of Improved Curve Delineation

AASHTO Highway Safety Manual (Available for purchase from AASHTO)

Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Clearinghouse (search "horizontal curve")

2014 National Acceleration Bridge Construction Conference

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The Bridge - 28.1

Articles in this Issue: 

  • Water tower pays for other improvements
  • Safety peer exchange announced
  • Genesee CRC wins national safety award
  • Early engineering study saves money
  • Alcona CRC’s road to recovery after fire
  • Sign repair stand is safety on the cheap

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The Bridge - 27.4

Articles in this Issue: 
  • Modern Roundabout Works for City of Marquette
  • New Motor Grader Trainer
  • Ionia's GRS-IBS Construction
  • Continuing Education for Michigan's PE's
  • Updates for Traffic Regulators
  • Great Ideas Challenge

Links in this Issue:

Traffic Regulator Resources

CTT Continuing Education Policy

CTT Training Opportunities

Roundabout Resources

Great Ideas Challenge


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