Winter Resource Links


Forecasting and Responding

MI Drive Interactive provides video feeds from highways in Michigan, as well as realtime information on traffic incidents. 

The National Center for Atmospheric Research allows you to view realtime weather data including satellite, radar, surface and air temperatures, and forecasts. 

Response to Extreme Weather Impacts on Transportation Systems (2014) is an NCHRP Synthesis that identifies to common themes in state-level responses to extreme weather events, including case reports on communications, data, knowledge management and lessons learned. 

Michigan Department of Transportation Twitter Accounts:


Anti-icing and De-icing

Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of Chloride Roadway Deicers on the Natural Environment (2013) is an NCHRP Synthesis of proactive and reactive mitigation strategies as well as new technologies for ice removal. 

An Experimental Study on the Effectiveness of Anti-icing Operations for Snow and Ice Control of Parking Lots and Sidewalks (2013) investigates studies done to assess the effectiveness of anti-icing. 

The Salt Institute provides informational handbooks, brochures and newsletters on winter operations, focusing on effective and safe salt use. 



Snow Plowing Near Railroad Crossings (2009) includes tips regarding snow removal and de-icing pertaining to rail safety. 

Repurposing Truck Tires (2013) gives instructions on how to utilize old truck tires as wing plow cutting edges. 



Reduce the Risk of Drowsy Driving (2011) illustrates the risks of extended driving schedules during winter maintenance, and outlines ways to prevent workers from driving while tired.