Upcoming Trainings

2023 IBR System for Rating Unpaved Roads - June

Get the best return on investment for all your assets. The Inventory-Based Rating (IBR) System™ allows you to individually prioritize categories, set up work plans, and create stability in your asset management. Required every three years.

2023 Updating a Bridge, Pavement, or Compliance Plan Webinar - Aug

This webinar will review the process of updating data for the templates for the bridge and pavement asset management plans created with the CTT tools.

2023 Culvert Condition Assessment Webinar Training - Aug

This webinar will include an introduction to the TAMC Michigan Non-NBI Culvert Structure Inspection Guide & cover inventory collection and condition evaluation, as well as field evaluation examples.

2023 PASER Training - Class 1 Webinar (Aug)

This class covers distress identification for asphalt, concrete & sealcoat roads and sets the foundation for the PASER visual rating system. Please note that registration for PASER Class 2 is separate.

2023 PASER Training - Class 2 Webinar (Aug 30 & 31)

This class includes TAMC updates on data collection & council info, rating rules & tips, interactive rating exercises on asphalt/concrete/sealcoat roads. Attendance is required both days. Please note that registration for PASER Class 1 is separate.

2023 Michigan Winter Operations Conference - Bellaire

Attendees – operators, superintendents, managers, directors, and more - learn the latest technologies & techniques for fighting snow on road networks and can connect with peers from across the state.