Highway Work Zone Safety Series

Traffic Control Safety: Understand the proper procedures for installing and maintaining effective traffic control through a highway work zone. Learn to recognize dangerous situations and increase awareness of potential hazards while performing work assignments.
Utility Safety in Work Zones: Learn to recognize the marking indicators and dangers of the five major utilities-gas, telecommunications, electric, water, and sewer. Also reviews the consequences of disruptions.
Surveying Safety: Surveyors can review the hazardous situations surrounding both the pre-construction and post-construction phases of highway work zones. Highlights individual responsibility for safety in the surveying area.
Loading, Transporting & Unloading Safety: Loading, unloading and transporting heavy equipment are dangerous activities that require constant attention. Review the dangers and recognize dangerous situations to improve safety for everyone.
Moving Operations/Maintenance Safety: Safety is the responsibility of each highway worker. Learn to recognize the dangers within each area of the work zone, especially where normal traffic control procedures are at a minimum. Always be aware of the line between the work zone and the traffic zone.
Paving Safety: Identify the bad safety practices surrounding the paving process and know what to do to improve the situation. The tape reviews equipment, paving operations, and the increased hazards of night paving.

ID: 315, 321, 322, 323, 325, 326 (1996-1999)

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