Explains the basics of snow removal, equipment preparation and maintenance, salt application rates, salt vs. abrasives, snow, ice, and fuel consumption, and the history and uses of salt.

Fundamentals of Tire Wear

Troubleshoot tire wear patterns on commercial truck tires. Provides tolerances for proper alignments and solutions for some tire wear problems.

Preventive Maintenance Project Selection

Explains the importance of preventive maintenance and how it can prolong the life of pavement by using the right treatment at the right time.
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Loader Operation I, II and III

Part one covers daily maintenance and safety. Part two covers startup, shutdown, basic maneuvering. Part three covers stockpiling and loading trucks.

Arc Welding (Maintenance Welding Series, Part 3)

Part three of the Maintenance Welding Series. Explains how an arc welder works (AC and DC), welder setup, and special safety issues (open circuit voltage, ventilation, eye and body protection). Describes the various electrodes and their uses.

Gas Welding and Metal Identification (Maintenance Welding Series, Part 2)

Part two of the Maintenance Welding Series. The Gas Welding section explains the proper maintenance of gas welding equipment (tanks, regulators, hoses, torches) and regular setup.

General Welding Safety and Tank Repair (Maintenance Welding Series, Part 1)

Part one of the Maintenance Welding Series. The Welding Safety section covers fire hazards, hazard prevention, extinguishing fires, body and eye protection. The Tank Repair section explains various non-welding methods of tank repair.

Not a Toy: Dump Truck Preventive Maintenance and Daily Inspection

The dump truck driver is encouraged to make checks twice daily to ensure the vehicle is in good working condition. Gives a check list and suggests corrective measures if defects are found.

Professional Tree Care Safety: Part III - Equipment Safety

Safety considerations for use of aerial lifts, stump cutters, tree cranes, chippers and chain saws. How to work with various types of tree care equipment in a manner that reduces injury. Work site traffic control.

Blading Unpaved Roads

Many rural roads are unpaved aggregate road surfaces. This video discusses methods and equipment necessary to maintain these roads properly.
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