A Snow Plow - Cool!

This half-hour lesson addresses safety around snowplows. It is designed for 2nd and 3rd grade children and was produced by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and the Local Road Research Board (LRRB).

Highway Work Zone Safety Series: Grading Safety

This program covers some of the safety hazards you'll find on typical grading sites, from clearing and grubbing to final grading. Emphasis is on personal responsibility for safety and awareness of the hazards.
Available on YouTube

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspection (Parts 1 and 2): Basic Information and Equipment, Pavement Preparations

A 4 video training series covering the work methods used by highway construction personnel who inspect hot mix asphalt paving operations. The overall objective of this series is to help both new and experienced inspectors in performing the duties and responsibilities necessary for ensuring that quality HMA pavements are constructed for the state of Michigan. Part 1 includes basic information about paving and then covers equipment requirements in detail.

On Again, Off Again: A Guide to Mounting and Dismounting Heavy Equipment

Humorist Captain Jack Parker walks you through the eight rules for safety, providing useful information about the equipment, and guidance for working with and around different pieces of construction equipment.

Wheel Loader Operating Techniques

Covers a wide variety of common operating situations . Shows techniques for recovering from a slide on a side hill to dealing with buried utilities and high speed traffic.

Using Snow Plows on Motor Graders

Demonstrates how to attach various plows and how to operate the motor grader for snow removal.
Available on YouTube

Forklift Case Histories-Serious Business

Re-enactments of four actual accidents which occurred on or around forklifts and walkies. Ideal for training and re-training.

Snow and Ice Control - A Review of Innovative Practices (2 DVDs)

This broadcast from MN shows different methods of controlling snow and ice, the equipment used to do so, and different innovative ways to control snow and ice around the country.
Available on YouTube

Loader Operation I, II and III

Part one covers daily maintenance and safety. Part two covers startup, shutdown, basic maneuvering. Part three covers stockpiling and loading trucks.

Not a Toy: Dump Truck Preventive Maintenance and Daily Inspection

The dump truck driver is encouraged to make checks twice daily to ensure the vehicle is in good working condition. Gives a check list and suggests corrective measures if defects are found.


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