Implementing Phase II of the NPDES Storm Water Regulations (2 DVDs)

A video of the two and one-half hour satellite video conference program. This informational material can be used to show others in your agency or your chapter who did not have the opportunity to be at the NPDES Phase II Storm Water Workshop.

Trench Box Installation

This video program covers safe selection, installation and removal of trench shields and boxes based on OSHA excavation standards.

Ditch Maintenance

The need for proper drainage; the goals for ditch maintenance; procedures for performing the maintenance with motor grader and excavator.
Available on YouTube

Common Maintenance Problems and Causes

Identifies common maintenance problems for: asphalt pavement, Portland cement concrete pavement, earthand gravel roads, road shoulders, drainage facilities, bridges, and roadside areas.
Available on YouTube

Safety Features for Local Roads & Streets

Lots of crashes in this series of 11 videos of research and recommendations on wet weather accidents, sideslopes and ditch tests, roadside culverts and cross road incline tests, small sign supports, traffic barriers on slopes, etc.

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