Chip Seal Application (Parts 1-3)

Discusses chip seal application as a maintenance strategy to improve skid resistance and provide a water proof seal. Covers preliminary concerns, material selection, surface preparation, application procedures and common problems.
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Available on YouTube - Video 3

Asphalt Paving Inspection

Reviews the responsibilities of a paving inspector, procedures of a paving operation, and common problems encountered with mix quality, operations, etc.
Available on YouTube - Video 1
Available on YouTube - Video 2

Traffic Signal Systems

Traffic Signal Systems: Go for the Green - Federal Highway Administration - Video VH-476 - Demonstrates the need for planned and coordinated traffic signal systems and highlights current best practices. Part 1 is for public works officials, chief executives, citizen groups, and other decision makers showing the benefits of planned, coordinated traffic signal systems and showing the basic hardware and software used for good traffic control signalization & synchronization. Topics include timing plans, pre-timed and traffic actuated signals, coordinated systems, control centers and more.

Blading Unpaved Roads

Many rural roads are unpaved aggregate road surfaces. This video discusses methods and equipment necessary to maintain these roads properly.
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Pothole Patching

Causes of potholes, equipment needed for repair, and six steps for proper repair.

Crack Sealing

Clear, simple, and effective crack sealing procedures for small maintenance crews. The four steps: crack analysis and identification, crack cleaning and preparation, application of sealant, squeegee of cracks.

Ditch Maintenance

The need for proper drainage; the goals for ditch maintenance; procedures for performing the maintenance with motor grader and excavator.
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Maintenance of Gravel Roads

Proper procedures for smoothing and reshaping gravel roads. Techniques for intersections, railroad crossings, driveways, bridges, hilltops and valleys, and super elevation in curves.
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