FY 2020 Transportation Economic Development Fund Category F - Apply Now!

The Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Economic Development is currently accepting Transportation Economic Development Fund Category F applications for Fiscal Year 2020.  Eligible applicants include cities, villages and county road commissions.  Proposed projects must be on federal-aid designated routes within federal aid urban areas located in a county with a population of 400,000 or fewer. Higher consideration is given to applications that propose improving all-season capabilities on routes having high commercial traffic or those that improve access to state trunklines.

Category F grant requests are capped at a maximum of $375,000. A minimum 20 percent local match is required. Overmatch is encouraged and will be considered when evaluating grant requests. Engineering, utility and right-of-way acquisition costs are not eligible for Category F funding, nor are they eligible to serve as local match.

As a reminder, Preventative Maintenance (PM) projects are ineligible for Category F funding. Only Resurfacing (3R) and Reconstruction (4R) projects are eligible for Category F funding. For the definitions regarding PM, 3R and 4R, please refer to the MDOT Local Agency Programs Guidelines for Geometrics on Local Agency Projects, 2017 Edition.

The application deadline for Category F grants is Friday May 4, 2018. The application and instructions can be accessed at http://www.michigan.gov/tedf. For questions, please contact Matt Wiitala, at 517-241-2152 or wiitalam@michigan.gov.

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Expiration Date: 
Sunday, March 31, 2019