2013 PASER Training

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Rater Certification Details:

TAMC has instituted a testing and certification program for PASER data collectors who attended TAMC PASER training and collected PASER data for multiple years. The certification allows experienced raters to opt out of training in future years. To become certified, qualified raters must pass an exam which will be administered after the on-site PASER training sessions. Raters seeking certification must attend an on-site PASER training during 2013. The TAMC Training and rater certification policy is located here:

2012 Paser Training and Certification Policy (reference only; 2013 policy forthcoming)

Raters who are eligible for the certification exam will receive a notification email.

All eligible raters wishing to take the PASER certification test must pre-register at least two weeks in advance of their testing date. If you have not received notification two weeks prior to the start of PASER training and you believe you meet the certification criteria please contact the Center for Technology and Training (CTT) at 906-487-2102 or ctt@mtu.edu. Please note that the certification exam will not be available for the all-day training session

Raters who are eligible to take the certification test are not required to attend the PASER web based training on distress identification. However, it may be helpful as a refresher as this material will be included on the certification test.