Snow & Ice Control


Explains the basics of snow removal, equipment preparation and maintenance, salt application rates, salt vs. abrasives, snow, ice, and fuel consumption, and the history and uses of salt.

The New Generation of Snow and Ice Control: Anti-icing and RWI

This video explores both the use of anit-icing chemicals and specialized road weather information systems (RWIS), the new generation of snow and ice control.

Ready Set Winter Driving Safely on Ice and Snow

This video provides a brief overview of how to prepare the vehicle for harsh winter weather, describes several driving situations that require special attention and explains how to handle common winter driving problems. It consists of 2 segments.

Snow and Ice Control - A Review of Innovative Practices (2 DVDs)

This broadcast from MN shows different methods of controlling snow and ice, the equipment used to do so, and different innovative ways to control snow and ice around the country.
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Anti-Icing for Maintenance Personnel

Describes this systematic approach to winter road maintenance. Topics covered include material, equipment, personnel, and strategies. Companion to 'Manual of Practice for an Effective Anti-Icing Program.'
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What is Anti-Icing?

An overview of the anti-icing technologies developed under the Strategic Highway Research Program.
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Response to Winter

Explains the how and why of PENNDOT's winter operations.
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Snow and Ice Control

Presents economic, environmental and safety benefits of employing advances in snow and ice control techniques. Summarizes localized weather forecasting programs, anti-icing techniques, utilization of snow fences, and plows of the future.
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Wetted Salt

How calcium chloride works to melt snow and ice faster and at lower temperatures than plain salt. Three methods for pre-wetting rock salt with liquid calcium chloride.
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