Chainsaw Sharpening

Proper chain saw sharpening increases safety as well as efficiency.
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The Naked Truth: Chainsaw Clothing

From head to foot, proper chain saw clothing is essential to avoid injuries.

Professional Tree Care Safety: Part III - Equipment Safety

Safety considerations for use of aerial lifts, stump cutters, tree cranes, chippers and chain saws. How to work with various types of tree care equipment in a manner that reduces injury. Work site traffic control.

Chainsaw Safety

How to safely operate chain saws during ground cutting work and aerial trimming. Identifies maintenance requirements, general safety considerations, and hazards associated with limbing, bucking, trimming, felling, and brush cutting.

Guardrail Installation and Repair

Although keyed to Washington state's standards and procedures, the material can be useful to any state which follows AASHTO's design criteria.
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Mailboxes May Be Hazardous to Your Health

The hazards presented by non-yielding mailbox structures along the roadway, and approaches for reducing these hazards. Examples of both safe and hazardous mailbox supports.

Safety Features for Local Roads & Streets

Lots of crashes in this series of 11 videos of research and recommendations on wet weather accidents, sideslopes and ditch tests, roadside culverts and cross road incline tests, small sign supports, traffic barriers on slopes, etc.

Nighttime Work Zone Traffic Control

The importance of designing and maintaining work zone traffic control areas for night conditions. The tape stresses that the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices standards are for 'average conditions,' whereas nighttime driving is not 'average.'
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