Confined Space Case Histories

Emphasizes the importance of following proper confined-space safety procedures by showing reenactments of actual accidents. Ideal for training and re-training.

Forklift Case Histories-Serious Business

Re-enactments of four actual accidents which occurred on or around forklifts and walkies. Ideal for training and re-training.

Loader Operation I, II and III

Part one covers daily maintenance and safety. Part two covers startup, shutdown, basic maneuvering. Part three covers stockpiling and loading trucks.


Describes the proper procedures for the daily preventative maintenance of motorgraders.

Gas Welding and Metal Identification (Maintenance Welding Series, Part 2)

Part two of the Maintenance Welding Series. The Gas Welding section explains the proper maintenance of gas welding equipment (tanks, regulators, hoses, torches) and regular setup.

General Welding Safety and Tank Repair (Maintenance Welding Series, Part 1)

Part one of the Maintenance Welding Series. The Welding Safety section covers fire hazards, hazard prevention, extinguishing fires, body and eye protection. The Tank Repair section explains various non-welding methods of tank repair.

Traffic Signal Systems

Traffic Signal Systems: Go for the Green - Federal Highway Administration - Video VH-476 - Demonstrates the need for planned and coordinated traffic signal systems and highlights current best practices. Part 1 is for public works officials, chief executives, citizen groups, and other decision makers showing the benefits of planned, coordinated traffic signal systems and showing the basic hardware and software used for good traffic control signalization & synchronization. Topics include timing plans, pre-timed and traffic actuated signals, coordinated systems, control centers and more.

Harmful Materials Awareness for Construction Workers

The goal of this course is to increase the awareness of harmful materials on the part of transportation workers involved in highway construction activities. The video presents ways to prevent exposure to harmful materials.
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Multiple Choice

Reconstructs six accidents that actually happened. Safety questions are asked after each accident which could be used to stimulate safety discussions. The accidents portrayed are very graphic. Produced in cooperation with the National Safety Council.
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Shake Hands With Danger

Relays a message for all who work with heavy machinery and common shop tools. Primarily geared toward operators and mechanics. Realistic accidents, selected with help from the National Safety Council, make the video's warning loud and clear.
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