A Snow Plow - Cool!

This half-hour lesson addresses safety around snowplows. It is designed for 2nd and 3rd grade children and was produced by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and the Local Road Research Board (LRRB).

Highway Work Zone Safety Series: Grading Safety

This program covers some of the safety hazards you'll find on typical grading sites, from clearing and grubbing to final grading. Emphasis is on personal responsibility for safety and awareness of the hazards.
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Highway Work Zone Safety Series: One Step From Death

This award-winning program is the introductory program in the Highway Work Zone Safety series. It shows five accident simulations based on typical safety problems found in highway work zones.
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On Again, Off Again: A Guide to Mounting and Dismounting Heavy Equipment

Humorist Captain Jack Parker walks you through the eight rules for safety, providing useful information about the equipment, and guidance for working with and around different pieces of construction equipment.

Highway Work Zone Safety Series

Traffic Control Safety: Understand the proper procedures for installing and maintaining effective traffic control through a highway work zone. Learn to recognize dangerous situations and increase awareness of potential hazards while performing work assignments.
Utility Safety in Work Zones: Learn to recognize the marking indicators and dangers of the five major utilities-gas, telecommunications, electric, water, and sewer. Also reviews the consequences of disruptions.

Ready Set Winter Driving Safely on Ice and Snow

This video provides a brief overview of how to prepare the vehicle for harsh winter weather, describes several driving situations that require special attention and explains how to handle common winter driving problems. It consists of 2 segments.

Trench Box Installation

This video program covers safe selection, installation and removal of trench shields and boxes based on OSHA excavation standards.

Trenching and Shoring Safety

Provides an understanding of trench hazards--and how to prevent cave-ins.

Construction Trenching and Shoring

Provides basic trenching and shoring safety guidelines. The practical safeguards covered can help prevent needless casualties.


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