Gravel Roads

Common Maintenance Problems and Causes

Identifies common maintenance problems for: asphalt pavement, Portland cement concrete pavement, earthand gravel roads, road shoulders, drainage facilities, bridges, and roadside areas.

Smoothing and Reshaping of Earth and Gravel Roads

Two-part video on smoothing and reshaping. Each part gives equipment requirements and an overview of work steps.

Maintenance of Gravel Roads

Proper procedures for smoothing and reshaping gravel roads. Techniques for intersections, railroad crossings, driveways, bridges, hilltops and valleys, and superelevation in curves.

Dust Control

What dust is, and the problems it can create. How liquid calcium chloride controls dust. How to repair and improve an unpaved road by blading.

Unsurfaced Road Management

How to use the unsurfaced road management system developed by the U.S. Army's Cold Region Research and Engineering Laboratory (USACRREL).

Upgrading Gravel Roads

Demonstrates techniques and cost evaluation of upgrading rural gravel roads. Directed at the problems that low maintenance budget counties face in keeping the roads in good condition. Techniques for some types of maintenance are also discussed.

Gravel - PASER

One of 3 PASER (Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating) videos for rating and evaluating pavement surfacing; each deals with specific surface: Asphalt, Gravel, Sealcoat.

Road Blading-Forest Style

This video is designed to be viewed by contractors, State, County, or other cooperating agencies and Force Account Road Blading operators for the purpose of sharing the Forest Service philosophy and practices when maintaining forest roads.

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