Guidelines for Spring Highway Use Restrictions

Basic explanation of frost heave. A technical method for estimating when, and how much, load restrictions should be applied due to spring thaws.

Loader Operation

The tape should help new operators understand the important features of an equipment management preventive maintenance program, the capabilities of the loader, operations of the equipment, and the need for daily maintenance.

Motor Grader Operation

A three-part series to start new operators learning the operation of any type of motor grader. Topics include: grading unpaved roads, spreading material, laying asphalt, pulling ditches, and backsloping and grading shoulders.

Pothole Repair in Asphalt Concrete Pavement

A detailed nine-step procedure using proper materials, tools and equipment. The tape shows and explainshow to do each step efficiently, with long-lasting repair results.

Smoothing and Reshaping of Earth and Gravel Roads

Two-part video on smoothing and reshaping. Each part gives equipment requirements and an overview of work steps.

Reshaping Earth and Gravel Shoulders

Proper procedures for reshaping earth and gravel shoulders (without adding material) to correct shoulderdrop-off, rutting, buildup of material, and excessive weed growth to maintain a safe shoulder.

Operator Daily Maintenance of Motor Graders

Proper daily maintenance procedures, consisting of: pre-start check, warm-up check, daily operating check,shut-down check.

Operator Daily Maintenance of Front-End Loaders

Daily preventative maintenance procedures which will provide efficient performance over a longer period and will extend the service life of the front-end loader.

Operator Daily Maintenance of Dump Trucks

Step-by-step daily dump truck maintenance, including pre-start, warm-up, operating, and shutdown checks.

Driver Daily Maintenance of Light Vehicles

Daily preventive maintenance procedures for light vehicles such as pick-ups and station wagons, and whythese procedures are necessary.


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