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Developing Jobsite Traffic Control Plans

Demonstrates how to develop an effective traffic control plan by following the evolution of a control plan through preplanning, designing and writing, implementing, evaluating, and revising.
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Driver Daily Maintenance of Light Vehicles

Daily preventive maintenance procedures for light vehicles such as pick-ups and station wagons, and whythese procedures are necessary.

Operator Daily Maintenance of Dump Trucks

Step-by-step daily dump truck maintenance, including pre-start, warm-up, operating, and shutdown checks.
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Operator Daily Maintenance of Front-End Loaders

Daily preventative maintenance procedures which will provide efficient performance over a longer period and will extend the service life of the front-end loader.
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Operator Daily Maintenance of Motor Graders

Proper daily maintenance procedures, consisting of: pre-start check, warm-up check, daily operating check,shut-down check.
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Cleaning and Clearing of Bridges

The basic what, why, and how of cleaning bridges and their components. Covered are drain holes, drainspouts, expansion joints, bearing assemblies, pier caps and abutments, removing debris, and waterwayobstructions.

Reshaping Earth and Gravel Shoulders

Proper procedures for reshaping earth and gravel shoulders (without adding material) to correct shoulderdrop-off, rutting, buildup of material, and excessive weed growth to maintain a safe shoulder.
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Smoothing and Reshaping of Earth and Gravel Roads

Two-part video on smoothing and reshaping. Each part gives equipment requirements and an overview of work steps.
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Crack Repair on Asphalt Pavement

Repair procedures for linear and alligator cracks from 3 to 12 mm wide.
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Pothole Repair in Surface Treatment Pavement

Demonstration and explanation of the correct procedures for use of granular material for filling potholes.
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