Pavement Warranties

This summer and fall, we will be making resources available to you to help you understand what your agency needs to do to be compliant with new legislation on pavevement warranties and decide if a warranty is suitable on each of your agency's paving projects. Visit this page often to find links to learning resources and to register for upcoming trainings.


Pavement Warranty Training Series



Flyer advertising five modules in the pavement warranties training series



Module 1: Introduction to Pavement Warranties

Video download | Live streaming

Other resources:

- Coming soon


Module 2: Basic Pavement Warranties Concepts

Video download | Live streaming

Other resources:

- 2003 FHWA International Technology Scanning Program Summary Report:


Module 3: Administrative Processes

Video download | Live streaming


Module 4: Specific Faults and Remedies

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Module 5: Question and Answer Session

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Other Resources



Pavement Warranties Partner Pages

County Road Association of Michigan:

Michigan Municipal League:


Pavement Warranties Advisory Panel

Steve Puuri – CRA/MML Engineering Specialist

Ray Roberts – Marquette County Road Commission Commissioner

Lance Malburg – Dickinson County Road Commission County Highway Engineer

Wayne Harrall – Kent County Road Commission Deputy Managing Director


Pavement Warranties Training Development Team

John Velat – Center for Rural and Tribal Community Resilience Director

Peter Meingast – Center for Technology & Training Research Engineer